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Inspired by the legendary island of Mykonos, this unique collection exudes a 70’s nostalgia.

New and classic AK lines are reimagined for this collectible collection, with must-have pieces for anyone who loves not only the island, but also timeless Greek resortwear. Crafted from fine linen, cotton and silk, the pieces are as always adorned with the most intricate embroideries and broderie.
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Discover the Brazilian designer’s new and final collection. Each design is a piece of art in its own right, and now a collectible.
The luxury resortwear and jewelry brand has been recognised internationally for the sculptural shapes and vivid prints in which the unique Brazilian upbringing of the designer and her unparalleled taste in the arts and fashion are evident. 
We are presenting to you the designer’s final luxury resort collection, where imaginary dragons, a funky owl and anopulent tiger print are crafted in luxurious pure silk and crisp cotton cut with reimagined hems, and showcase the designer’s magical, colorful world.
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