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Ancient Kallos draws its creative inspiration from ancient Greek beauty and cultural heritage – its very name deriving from the ancient Greek word for beauty; ‘Kallos’. The sun in the form of its ancient Greek symbol features in the logo ΚΑΛΛʘS, in the letter O, as a representative of the spirit, while the dot in the middle symbolizes the original spark, which mainly springs from willpower.In 2014, the resort wear brand Ancient Kallos was created as a result of the cooperation between Lamprini and Stella Stavrou, merging together their fashion and architectural backgrounds. The brand arose by the traveler’s wish to have a memento from summer in Greece, hence the creation of the resort wear.
Talented local artisans from Macedonia are engaged in creating the embroideries and handmade tassels on the Ancient Kallos garments. The fabrics used are made of natural fibers, mainly cotton, lace and silk. All products have been designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece.

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