Hand-woven and hand-knitted pieces that are thoughtfully designed, which can be worn across seasons and different parts of our lives. They uniquely combine the expertise and quality of traditional South American craftsmanship with a more European point-of-view for everyday use.  At WEHVE, they have a clear two-part credo: first, to preserve the profound knowledge passed down through ancestral traditions of weaving, and second, to share and enjoy these skills in timeless pieces. They make hand-loomed blankets, wraps, and shawls in Merino wool from organically raised sheep, and combine the Merino wool with silk, cotton, and linen. The pieces feature bright colors, fringe and leather trims, and graphic geometric patterns.

Gesine (left) is the founder of Wehve and a board member of Fair Trade Belgium and holds an MBA from INSEAD. She lives in Brussels with her husband and their three children.