KOBO was founded in 2006 by Junko Kobori. Originally from Japan, she and her husband spent years traveling around the world before settling in Saratoga Springs, NY. During her travels, Junko was always struck by the scent of each place and how absent it felt when the photographs she took along the way were viewed. She realised that fragrance is one of the key elements in bringing a memory to life. The invisible, but profound sensory experience that scent involves, brings memories and feelings into life. That was the inspiration behind the creation of KOBO.

KOBO Pure Soy Candles are made of domestically grown, environmentally sustainable soybeans. This high quality natural wax has the cleanest burning possible and an excellent level of fragrance yield. The candles are created using eco-friendly, non-polluting materials.

Each candle is hand-poured in the family-run facility near Saratoga Springs, New York.