La Sirène is a beachwear brand, founded in 2018 in Brazil, which aims to offer excellence in quality and personality in its pieces. 

This commitment has been recognized internationally and La Sirène is present in more than 20 countries and other locations. As an international brand, La Sirène embraced the challenge of reaching and pleasing different women around the world, ensuring that its beachwear carries the Brazilian spirit of an endless summer. 

La Sirene works with materials with sustainable certification, which consume less time, water and energy in their maintenance: CO2control® fabrics are manufactured with this in mind; biodegradability at disposal; exemption from genetic modifications; closed production cycles; non-use of toxic or harmful products to human health and production traceability. They also have the Oeko-Tex®ClasseI and II certification, an external and international audit that certifies the exemption of toxic products in tissues for contact with human skin.