Founded in 2017 by Stavroula Giannoulatou, Greek Archaic Kori is a premium resortwear brand. Its style signifies “Helios” (aka: the sun), the powerful light, the Mediterranean sea, the Greek islands and the wind. The brand has been named after the archaic beauty of Kores from Ancient Greece during the Archaic period (600 – 480 BCE).
The clothes are designed and produced locally. Each collection embodies an urban ease paired with comfort, sophistication, and versatility. Greek Archaic Kori is made for women all over the world, at any age, who appreciate simple lines. Opulent trims, sun-catching metallic threads and intricate embroidery mean Kori’s resortwear outshines last-minute beach-side shopping. Crying out to be paired with sun-kissed skin and layers of gold jewellery – plan ahead and fill your suitcase with Kori’s sunny dresses for your next hot-weather trip.