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CANARIA is a Brazilian brand that specialises in creating luxury straw bags, that are characterized by unique embellishments and shapes, and are handmade by local female weavers.

The brand’s goal is to offer a handcrafted product with a fine finish that is sustainable and ethical, minimising the impact on the environment and nature, and generating social growth. Working towards these goals, the brand respects the harvest season of their raw material, and fully supports fair trade and remuneration of the artisans.

Canaria aims to connect people with talent, add cultural value to a signature fashion product, and respect the heritage of art in straw and crochet. The brand believes in the nuances of manual work and their uniqueness.

When acquiring a handcrafted creation, take a loving look at an essentially different product, made by hand by women artisans, who with their dedication and care enhance the art of weaving and value this secular knowledge.

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